We are delighted to publish the Ofsted Inspection letter following the Section 8 inspection which took place at Parkfields on 13 July 2016.  A Section 8 report is when an Ofsted inspection team is sent into a school to affirm whether or not the grade, which in our case is Outstanding, still applies.  We are very pleased to be able to announce that the grade of Outstanding was fully endorsed.
We hope you enjoy reading the report; it is a tremendous validation of the school and the work that all the teachers and support staff do to ensure the very best education is provided for the pupils in our care.  The report states that “Pupils behave exceptionally well.  In lessons they are resilient, collaborative and work very hard” and are to be congratulated. On behalf of the school we would like to thank the Governors and the parent body for their tremendous support without whom the school would not be the place it is recognised to be.

Government Ofsted website

Download the latest report below.


  1. 2016 - Parkfields Middle School Inspection Report
  2. 2012_Parkfields Middle School_Inspection_Report
  3. 2008_Parkfields Middle School_Inspection_Report

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