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The provision for the HI learners at Parkfields is part of a fully integrated Learning Support Department.  This Department will provide support for HI learners aged between 9 and 13 in the Central Bedfordshire area.  The learners have a range of hearing losses ranging from moderate, severe to profound. They wear a variety of hearing aids including digital, behind the ear hearing aids, cochlear implants and bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA).

Led by our Inclusion Manager our Learning Support department has a qualified full time Teacher of the Deaf and a team of communication support workers and other support staff with specialist skills for working with learners with Hearing Impairment.  The communication support workers enable access to the curriculum and the inclusion of the HI learners in mainstream lessons using a Total Communication approach.

To demonstrate how this works at Parkfields - the Learning Support Department has four designated areas to assist with supporting learners on the Special Needs List. The HI learners, Teacher of Deaf and the communication support workers will be located appropriately in any of these four areas according to the needs of the situation.  The first area is the SUB which is dedicated to those learners who may need further support with Literacy or Numeracy. A range of activities are carried out to give a multi-sensory approach to learning. It is a small room, ideally suited to one to one support.

The second area is called the HUB. The HUB is designed to provide a nurturing environment for learners with social, emotional or behavioural problems.  This involves working effectively with individual learners who are experiencing significant difficulties. The intention would be to identify and overcome the barriers preventing their learning and offer appropriate support to achieve their effective reintegration back into a learning environment and social interaction.  Many of the HI learners experience such problems and are supported in these issues within the HUB.

The third area is the Learning Zone.  This is a specialised teaching space consisting of a small classroom fitted with IWB and other teaching aids.  It has a disabled toilet and direct access to the Year 5 block as well as the playground.  It is ideal for small classes of up to six learners working with the Teacher of the Deaf, the SENCo or HLTA.  It will be resourced with all the appropriate teaching aids to support those with learning difficulties.

The fourth area is the Base.  Located adjacent to the Food technology room, this is where the Learning Support Department operates from.  The SENCo, Teacher of the Deaf, HI Support Manager, Learning Support administrator and Parent Support Assistant are based here.  It has conference facilities for Reviews and other multi agency meetings.  The Learning Support Team (i.e. all the above plus LSAs and educational communicators) meet here to discuss strategies and deployment of personnel and resources.

The Learning Support Department forms the underlying foundation of care and support intrinsic to the culture of Parkfields.  All learners with support needs are cared for at the highest possible level in order that they are fulfilled, happy and educated to give them the very best opportunities for a successful adult life.

See below the Provision Map.


  1. Provision Map Sept 2018

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